It might be your hormones…

Both men and women can suffer from hormonal imbalance. While diet and exercise can play a role, symptoms of hormonal imbalance may include: lack of motivation, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, joint pain, night sweats, depression, decreased sex-drive, and foggy thinking, to name a few… Many of these symptoms are associated with the aging process, and are therefore dismissed. The good news is, you can get your hormone levels tested.

Dr. Karen Kaufman advises her patients to take an active role in balancing their hormones, with healthy diet and lifestyle choices. However, in some cases hormone imbalance is more pronounced and (BHRT) bio-identical hormone replacement therapy might be a solution.

Injectable pellets?

If your doctor determines that hormone replacement therapy is right for you, a few different methods can be used to deliver hormones to the body. There are pills, creams, patches and even injectable pellets. Dr. Kaufman says, many of her patients have heard about hormone pellets, and admit the process sounds a little intimidating.

Hormone pellets can be very effective for giving symptom relief over a period of time without much maintenance.

Pellets are actually subcutaneous implants, inserted into the hip region. According to BioTE, the process is “straightforward, fast and simple.” How long the implants stay in the body depends upon the individual, but they usually take about three to five months to absorb. They can be very effective for symptom relief over a period of time, without much maintenance.

The benefits of BioTE:

Kaufman Health and Hormone Center recommends BioTE. BioTE hormone pellets are natural, plant-based and easily absorbed by the body, providing a steady release of hormones over time. One of the things we see with pills and creams is that hormone levels fluctuate, which causes instability. And in these cases, pills and creams relieve only some of the symptoms, but not others. Injectable hormone pellets provide a very steady dosage of hormones over an extended period of time, for longer-lasting and effective relief.

Personalize your health journey.

Dr. Kaufman takes the time to learn about, and partner with each patient to provide more personalized and comprehensive health care. This is where functional, integrative medicine really differs from conventional medicine. It is very personalized. Dr. Kaufman provides a service that is unique to you, tailored to your needs, and your individual health objectives.

Have you been feeling out of balance, or ‘not yourself’ lately? Take this quizconsult with Dr. Kaufman and get tested. BioTE hormone therapy could be an option for you.

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