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Welcome Alaina Powell

A very special welcome to Alaina Powell, our new Medical Assistant as she joins the Kaufman Health and Hormone Center team! You will most likely

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Tips on how to Beat the Heat During Menopause
Functional Medicine

Beat The heat during Menopause

When estrogen levels begin to drop, the body’s natural thermostat experiences increased sensitivity. Hot flashes are triggered by small elevations in temperature in a reduced

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hearty white bean vegetable soup recipe from Dr Karen Kaufman

White Bean Vegetable Soup

This hearty bean soup is packed with kale, zucchini and herbs like basil and oregano. During the summer, you can enjoy this white bean vegetable

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Enjoy this delicious smoothie bowl recipe from Dr. Karen Kaufman

Smoothie Bowl

Enjoy Dr. Kaufman’s go-to five minute smoothie bowl with just a few ingredients. Satisfying, nutrient-rich and naturally sweet. A healthy, plant-based breakfast or snack. Prep

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