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Dr Karen Kaufman with thyroid medication supplements.

Why is thyroid health so important? The thyroid is considered the “master of metabolism”. It affects body weight, digestion, sugar balance and the risk for diabetes, and brain health.

Every cell in our body performs better when the thyroid is functioning optimally.

Here’s an example of how it works – digestive enzymes are secreted to help overall digestion when thyroid is working well and then, our healthy neurotransmitters for sleep and cognition function better and even physical energy and metabolism improve.

Typically patients report to me they have been told over and over again that their “thyroid is normal”. However, a full thyroid blood panel is more than just the TSH that is so commonly known as the thyroid test. A FULL thyroid panel includes the Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. For information about thyroid tests please feel free to download this handout Understanding Thyroid Tests.

What is normal?

Some patients, even when their thyroid is in the “normal range” still experience signs of hypothyroidism like brain fog, fatigue, slow metabolism, cold hands and feet, constipation and depression. As with everything in functional, integrative medicine, the optimal range for your thyroid health and function of the body can be quite different from the “normal range”.

Build and support your thyroid health

Here are a few supplements I like that can support thyroid health. You can order them online for in-office pickup or directly from the company:

Thyroid health supplements Dr. Kaufman

If you have any questions about your thyroid health please schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaufman today. To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Kaufman Health and Hormone Center – add your name to our email list here.

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