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Boost Your Immunity All Year Long

Boost Your Immunity All Year Long

Boost Your Immunity, learn how with Dr. Karen Kaufman
Boost Your Immunity, learn how with Dr. Karen Kaufman

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about how to stay healthy and at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center we believe it is important to boost your immunity all year long. Whether you are concerned about the viruses, flu or a common cold the following list includes practical tips to incorporate into your daily life to discourage unwanted germs and bugs from getting you down.

 Ten Tips To Boost Your Immunity

  1. Beyond anything else, wash your hands regularly – actually say the alphabet through washing your hands to be thorough. I have seen this meme circulating, “wash your hands like you have been chopping jalapeños and have to put your contacts in.”
  2. Use other greetings besides a handshake – bumping elbows is a reasonable greeting during cold and flu season or have fun with an air hug or air high fives!
  3. Try to avoid touching your face. According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, we touch our faces an average of 23 times per hour! This is a subconscious habit that can transmit and spread germs directly to your mucous membranes. Habits can be developed and broken – develop a strategy for being aware of when you are touching your face and then just stop.
  4. Harmoney demonstrates how to get plenty of rest to allow your body to boost your immune system with Karen Kaufman, MDGet 7-8 hours of sleep per night to allow your body to recover and repair itself to keep the immune system strong.
  5. A minimum of  2,000 mg daily, or ideally 2,000 mg twice daily of Vitamin C  can be a supportive supplement. Thorne Buffered Vitamin C Powder can be an easy way to get this dosage.
  6. Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily or 50,000 IU daily for 5 days can provide a quick immune boost.
  7. Natural “virus killer cells” that fight viruses are in our systems. Immunokinoko 750 is a great boost for those natural virus killers and can be ordered through Wellevate.
  8. Boost your daily immune system with natural silver spray with broad anti-microbial effects for virus, fungal and bacterial elements.
  9. Moducare is comprised of plant sterols that work to increase the responsiveness of the immune system. Moducare also increases the activity of the natural killer cells. It is important to take this supplement on an empty stomach for the best results.
  10. Daily anti-virals like Andrographis from Wellevate or Andrographis Plus from Metagenics or a combination product like GAIA herbs Rapid Immune response with multiple anti-virals can also bolster your immune system.

Dr. Karen Kaufman knows hormone replacement therapy and is great at diagnosing and caring for you.

Minimize and Manage Your Stress

In addition to boosting your immune system, it is important to minimize and manage your stress. Fear, panic and misinformation can lead to an elevated level of stress, which in turns weakens your immune system. For a quick and easy way to bring yourself back in focus, try my Box Breathing Exercise to lower your stress levels, engage the restful nervous system, improve digestion, and lower anxiety with this restorative breathing technique.

Supplement Wisely

Many of the supplements referenced in this article are readily available over the counter, if you are hesitant to go out and stand in line, there are options. Log-on to your Wellevate account, or order online. If you are in the Boulder, Louisville area, you can use this convenient online order form for IN-OFFICE pick-up only. Don’t have a Wellevate account? Contact Dr. Kaufman for more info about how you can create an account with Wellevate, or if you have questions.

Take good care of yourself: boost your immunity, reduce stress and stay informed.

Dr. Karen Kaufman



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