Kaufman Health and Hormone Center Welcomes Melissa Bullock

Kaufman Health and Hormone Center Welcomes Melissa Bullock

Meet Melissa Bullock
Meet Melissa Bullock

Welcome Our New Administrative Assistant Melissa Bullock

Please extend a warm welcome to Kaufman Health and Hormone Center’s new Administrative Assistant Melissa Bullock! Melissa comes to Kaufman Health and Hormone Center from a family legacy of working in the functional medicine world and was inspired by her mom to think about treating the body as a whole and exploring root causes of symptoms. After Melissa finished her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Kentucky, she came home to Lafayette, Colorado and jumped right into the functional medicine field, first working with Dr. Jill Carnahan and then accepting an offer with Dr. Kaufman.

Dr. Kaufman shares the story, “ I was looking for just the right someone to expand our office and I called other functional medicine professionals to ask if they knew anyone – and that’s when I learned that Melissa was between jobs and I knew what a great fit she would be! And, she has been a good fit, our patients really love her, we are so lucky to have her join us.”

Melissa’s grounding in functional medicine is shared when she was asked what she liked about working at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center so far, “I love that everyone has a different story and a unique journey…and I like being a small part of that journey”, she replies. When Melissa is not answering your calls and questions, she volunteers at the Lafayette Public Library, reads and loves to cross stitch. Melissa has been with Dr. Kaufman since March and was originally hired to complement Shannon’s hours, she will now move into that position full time.

We sadly say goodbye to Shannon Galfi

Shannon Galfi has been an integral staff member at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center for the past two years and we are sad to see her go. Shannon will be working to complete her final year of grad school at the University of Maryland and is looking forward to going into clinical practice upon graduation. Shannon will be moving with her husband, whose job is being relocated, and her two children to South Denver.

Shannon reflected on her time with Kaufman Health and Hormone Center, “I just appreciated everyone I met there, everyone was so open and welcoming to me and it was wonderful getting to know all of the patients. I will miss everyone.”

And we are grateful that Wendy is still here

Wendy is Dr K's right hand gal. Wendy is always here to assist at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center in Louisville, CO.

“The first question I am asked when I answer the phone is – where’s Wendy?”shares Melissa, “…and I have to smile and then say, she’s right here with me and then they breath a deep sigh of relief.” Dr. Kaufman reflects, “Wendy and I have been together since 2012! She and I worked together at the Thayer Group and I couldn’t have imagined finding anyone more dedicated, loyal and hard working as Wendy. She has total dedication to the patients and their continuity of care and she has a knack for getting to know the little nuances of each patient. She is diligent in her efforts to make sure every patient is well taken care of and we are so fortunate she is with us.”

Dr. Karen Kaufman

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