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Increase Your Low Libido

Increase Your Low Libido

Low Libido for disinterested women Photo by Jonathan Borba on
Low Libido for disinterested women Photo by Jonathan Borba on

I love my partner but haven’t been interested in sex for months…How can I increase my libido?

So many women are losing their spark because of the way our modern society is. We’re trying to do everything right now or yesterday and multi-tasking is the expectation. Women are exhausted with our responsibilities and pressures – often pressures we put on ourselves.

The stress of our daily lives increases our cortisol which has a direct effect on energy, sleep, mood and libido. This same stress hormone, cortisol, is also affecting the reproductive hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone which in turn lower libido when out of balance. What starts this entire cascade of events can be physical or emotional stressors. Food sensitivities, caffeine, alcohol and sugar all create further dysfunction.

So what can we do about a low libido?

  1. Exercise specifically with interval training can improve hormones that play a role in libido such as testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone.
  2. Eat more protein – about 30 grams at every meal and if you are eating meat, buy grass fed, hormone free meat.
  3. Zinc plays an important role in increasing testosterone levels.
  4. Herbs have been shown in studies to increase libido and sex drive in women such as Tongat Ali, wild yam, horny goat weed and there are specially formulated supplements that can contribute to healthy sex drive
  5. Have your hormones measured and treated for imbalances. Excess or deficiency in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone all impact libido.
  6. Engage in stress-reducing activities like meditation, prayer, light yoga, tai-chi.
For more information about what you can do to bring your hormones back in balance, contact Dr. Kaufman for a consultation today – and get back on track.

Some suggested Supplements to help increase low sex-drive and more DETAILS.

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