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Still Getting Hot Flashes?

Still Getting Hot Flashes?

Get Relief from Hot flashes - learn how Kaufman MD
Get Relief from Hot flashes - learn how Kaufman MD

I’m taking estrogen for menopausal hot flashes so why am I still getting hot flashes?

Hot flashes in menopause are often treated with estrogen, but some hot flashes have more to do with your cortisol stress response system and are best treated by other methods. Unlike menopausal hot flashes which tend to be the entire body, hot flashes due to increased cortisol tend to radiate from the chest. Those may create heat but not a soaking sweat. Assuming your estrogen is balanced appropriately, there are some tips to reduce the cortisol-induced hot flash:

  1. Stress reducing activities like meditation and light yoga
  2. Acupuncture is showing benefit to reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  3. Supplements are herbs help manage cortisol levels. Certain herbs and supplements are better for different levels of cortisol so it’s best to have this measured in a salivary or urinary test. Ashwaganda in particular is an herb shown to help with hot flashes caused by high cortisol

If you have questions or concerns about your health and hormone balance contact Dr. Kaufman at the Kaufman Health and Hormone Center.

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