Top Ten Sex Drive Solutions

Top Ten Sex Drive Solutions

Revive your Sex Drive
Revive your Sex Drive

Sex drive a little low?

Revive your Sex Drive

Dr. Kaufman’s Top 10 Tips to Revive Your Drive:

  1. Cut the sugar. Even flour converts to sugar! Sugar raises insulin which affects your hormone balance, mood and stress.
  2. Keep moving! Studies show that bursts of exercise with interval training improve hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone – both of which increase libido.
  3. De-stress! If you don’t have time to meditate or do a light yoga class, even five minutes of dedicated breathing time can change your stress level.
  4. De-Tox… one glass of wine can be relaxing yet more than one that can do the opposite and can create irritability, worsening sleep and low sex drive.
  5. Get more quality sleep. This starts with avoiding electronic devices before bed and making the bedroom only for sleep and sex!
  6. Laugh more – science shows that increasing pleasure activities and even just laughing makes joy in the bedroom easier
  7. Eat more organic protein. Protein increases testosterone production.
  8. Check your medicine. Birth control pills, anti-depressants and even cholesterol medication can lower libido by lowering testosterone. If you’re taking hormone contraception but not interested in having sex, talk to your doctor about a change.
  9. Tune in to all your senses and turn off the computer. Pay attention to the way food tastes, the smells around you and even the way something feels on your skin and you will inevitably be more connected to your sexual self.
  10. See your doctor to measure all your hormones including cortisol, your stress hormone!
Want to know more about what you can do to revive your sex drive? Contact Dr. Kaufman at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center to learn about what you can do to revive your drive!

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