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Not all stress is bad – let’s talk about Eustress

Not all stress is bad – let’s talk about Eustress

Let's talk about Eustress the good stress
Let's talk about Eustress the good stress

Good stress, also known as eustress, refers to a positive form of stress that can have beneficial effects on the body and mind. Unlike chronic or overwhelming stress, which can have negative health implications, eustress is typically short-term, motivating, and can lead to personal growth and enhanced performance. Let’s talk about Eustress with some examples.

The following are some examples of good stress:

Taking on new challenges, setting and achieving goals, and pushing yourself to try new things can all create a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

Engaging in regular, moderate exercise puts stress on the body’s systems, which stimulates adaptation and improvement. This can lead to increased fitness levels, improved mood, and better overall health.

Acquiring new knowledge and skills, whether in a professional or personal context, can be a positive form of stress. It stimulates cognitive functions and promotes intellectual growth.

Significant life events like getting married, starting a new job, or having a child can be stressful, but they are also typically associated with feelings of joy, fulfillment, and personal growth.

Engaging in creative endeavors, such as art, music, or writing, can involve a certain level of stress, but it can also lead to a sense of satisfaction, self-expression, and personal accomplishment.

Some level of time pressure and deadlines can be motivating and can lead to increased productivity and a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed.

Engaging in social activities, networking events, or public speaking can be stress-inducing, but they can also lead to personal and professional growth, improved communication skills, and expanded social connections

Traveling to unfamiliar places, trying new activities, or exploring different cultures can be stressful due to the unfamiliarity, but it can also lead to personal growth, expanded perspectives, and memorable experiences.

It’s important to note that while eustress can be beneficial, it’s essential to manage it effectively and ensure it doesn’t become chronic or overwhelming. Balancing periods of ‘good stress’ with periods of relaxation (getting away from your usual routine) rest is crucial for maintaining overall well-being.

In addition, what is a “good stress” for you may vary from another person, as every individual has different thresholds for stress tolerance. It’s important to listen to your body and mind and seek balance in your activities and responsibilities

Looking for some assistance discovering eustress in your life’s health?  Ask Dr. Kaufman at your next appointment.

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