Aging Optimally Is Healthy And Possible!

Aging Optimally Is Healthy And Possible!

Aging optimally with Karen Kaufman
Aging optimally with Karen Kaufman

What does it mean to be aging optimally?

It’s okay to acknowledge that the aging process is real. It is. However, let’s not get carried away, and give Old Age more credit than it deserves. For too long, people have shrugged their shoulders as they get older, as if to say, “Well, that’s just old age for you now, isn’t it?”

Enough! “Must Be Old Age” is NOT Aging Optimally!

No… those perceived “consequences of aging” are not normal. It is not a foregone conclusion that advancing in years implies a decrease in function, lack of mental clarity, or anything of the sort.

Rather, what continues to be advocated in contemporary research and thinking across all traditions of medicine is that many of the perceived effects of aging have nothing to do with getting older per se, but are rather more likely associated with deficiencies (or at the least, changes), in our hormone levels – the way our body chemistry creates the context for healthy bodily function.

And the best news?

We know a great deal about how to regulate our hormonal system, how to restore the proper balance in our brain and body chemistry, and most importantly, how to do it without the synthetic, manufactured chemical products.

Through careful monitoring and awareness of our senses and functions as we age, and with the guidance of practitioners who are committed to functional, integrative, and holistic medical care, preserving – if not restoring – your vitality in later years can be accomplished naturally, safely, and without the side effects common to drugs.

Live life fully

So… enough with this whole idea that a reduction in our capacity to live with vitality and vigor is simply inevitable as we age. Not only is it not true, it’s not normal! Throughout human history, millions of people across countless generations have experienced the joys of aging (wisdom… time… family love… less stress… deeper relationships… greater appreciation of life…) without accepting the perceived consequences of getting older. Join them!

If you would like to learn more about aging optimally schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaufman and say enough to “old age”

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