Seven Habits for Highly Effective Sleep

Seven Habits for Highly Effective Sleep

Highly effective sleep habits Kaufman health and hormone center
Highly effective sleep habits Kaufman health and hormone center

Many people, experience changes with sleep. Perhaps you are having a harder time getting to sleep, maybe you are having a harder time staying asleep, maybe you are waking up in the wee hours of the morning and are unable to go back to sleep. And yet, sleep is one of the most foundational pillars for overall health.

Sleeping seven to eight hours is critical for optimal health

If you take a poll you will find that most people really aren’t sleeping for seven to eight hours…or if they are, there might be a lot of restless sleep in there. Getting into a deep sleep is paramount for:

  • hormone balance
  • memory, and
  • managing your repair of your body.

When we are in a laying flat, sleeping position we are actually releasing growth hormones from our brain that repairs our body overnight. When we don’t sleep enough, we aren’t able to repair. So here are some free and simple hints of habits that you can incorporate for good sleep hygiene.

Seven Habits for Highly Effective Sleep

  1. Turn off all electronics 1 hour before bedtime – the blue light disrupts your melatonin secretion
  2. Develop a relaxing pre-bedtime routine with meditation, reading, yoga
  3. Take an Epsom salts bath before bed – Epsom salts have magnesium which is very relaxing for your body
  4. Unplug – that means no phones, electronic devises in your room (yes, even the digital display on your clock can disturb your sleep – cover it with a cloth)
  5. Create a very dark room with black out shades
  6. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time
  7. Practice, and repeat. It takes practice to retrain ourselves to regain that sleep you’ve lost over the years.

What really lays down the foundation of successful sleep is training yourself to regain that sleep that you’ve lost over the years. With proper training and proper supplementation to support your own body’s natural ability to sleep you can one step closer to your optimal health.

Looking for more information about restoring optimum health?

For more information about restoring optimal health by supporting good sleep habits and routines read: Crashing From Exhaustion? and Struggling with Insomnia?

Contact Dr. Kaufman for a consultation. Get started today and get sleeping for optimal health.

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