Top Ten Hormone Health Checklist

Top Ten Hormone Health Checklist

top 10 List
top 10 List

Are you wondering if your hormones are out of whack?

Use this hormone health checklist to decide if you need to schedule a consultation with a professional.

It is normal for hormone changes to begin as early as age 35 in women and for some women, there may be abnormal hormone changes even earlier. In some cases, changes in nutrition and lifestyle changes can make a very positive impact. In other cases, it may be necessarily to supplement with natural, bio-identical hormones to achieve balance. The following checklist includes a list of common symptoms that suggest you get your hormones checked.

Women make many different hormones throughout a lifetime including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, thyroid and cortisol. Each one serves a purpose and together creates a delicate web of interactions. When even one is too high or too low it can create symptoms. Use this checklist to know if you should get your hormones tested.

Hormone Health Checklist

  1. You never really had “bad” PMS before but now have terrible mood swings and insomnia the week before periods.
  2. You wake up at 2 am with the sheets soaked and kicking the covers off.
  3. Your sex drive is noticeably lower.
  4. You feel like certain pieces of your memory and concentration are worse than ever. You’re more forgetful.
  5. You feel tired but then can’t fall asleep or stay asleep at night.
  6. You eat right and exercise but can’t lose a pound.
  7. Your spouse and children are noticing you’re more irritable lately.
  8. You’re getting hot flashes during the day and night.
  9. Sexual intercourse is becoming uncomfortable even when using lubrication.
  10. Your menstrual cycles have become heavier, crampier and more frequent.

If you can identify with even one of these on the list, consider consulting with an integrative, functional doctor who can help with natural solutions.

Contact Dr. Karen Kaufman at the Kaufman Health and Hormone Center in Louisville, CO to take a proactive approach to your hormone health.

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