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10 Signs of an Underactive Thyroid

10 Signs of an Underactive Thyroid

10 Signs of an Underactive Thyroid, exhaustion. Photo by Kris Saur on
10 Signs of an Underactive Thyroid, exhaustion. Photo by Kris Saur on

Wondering about an over or underactive thyroid?

Your thyroid gland is a small gland in the base of the neck and it regulates all metabolism. Thyroid disease now affects 20 million Americans and women are at significantly higher risk than men. When your thyroid is under or over active it can be a risk for infertility, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and can cause every day symptoms like fatigue and weight gain.

There are different forms of active thyroid in our body and T3 is the one that is most used by organs in the body. Thyroid hormone production requires several nutrients, including selenium, zinc and iodine that when deficient can also lead to thyroid abnormalities.

Take this thyroid quiz:

If you answer yes to any of the following statements, you should consider getting a thorough evaluation with multiple blood tests.

  1. Do you gain weight for no clear reason or are unable to lose weight with a diet and exercise program?
  2. Are you constipated?
  3. Is your hair becoming coarse, breaking or falling out?
  4. Have you had any changes in your nails that they are brittle and breaking more easily?
  5. Are your eyebrows thinning?
  6. Do you feel depressed, moody or sad?
  7. Do you have puffiness around the eyes, eyelids?
  8. Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis?
  9. Do you have difficulty concentrating or remembering things?
  10. Women: Are you having irregular menstrual cycles or having trouble getting pregnant?

If you are concerned about having an over or underactive thyroid – there are steps you can take to regain hormone balance.

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