News! Dr. Kaufman on Case Western Reserve Advisory Board

News! Dr. Kaufman on Case Western Reserve Advisory Board

Case Western
Case Western

We are proud to announce that Dr. Karen Kaufman has been invited to join the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine Advisory Board. She is the first member of the board with a background in functional, and integrative medicine, in addition to being a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist.

Being involved in the Wellness Advisory Board allows me to share this information with physicians in training so they may be able to affect their own health and then use the information they learn in their own physician-patient relationships in the future.

Dr. Kaufman

The integrative, functional model has given Dr. Kaufman an entirely different perspective about how to approach a patient’s symptoms and complex medical issues.

A Personalized Approach to Treatment

Instead of labeling and treating disease, integrative medicine examines the root causes of disease and allows for a more personalized approach to treat a patient. In her practice Dr. Kaufman noticed despite conventional treatment, a number of her patients continued to not ‘feel well’ because underlying issues were not addressed.

Through these observations she became passionate about functional, integrative medical care and incorporating more holistic approaches with patients. As a result, she pursued a fellowship in Functional Medicine. According to Dr. Kaufman, the integrative, functional approach can help reverse chronic diseases and symptoms through discovery of root causes of illness.

Partnership Between Doctor and Patient

Dr. Kaufman graduated with her MD from Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio and completed her residency at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Her current practice, Kaufman Health and Hormone Center reflects a personalized and comprehensive care model emphasizing the partnership she creates with her patients.

Dr. Kaufman’s mission is to provide personalized and comprehensive health care to patients using both conventional medicine combined with her functional medicine training.

Read more about Dr. Kaufman, and her appointment to the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine Advisory Board!

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