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Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer prevention
Breast Cancer prevention

How can I take control of my breast health?

Follow these five action steps with diet and supplement changes to lower your breast cancer risk:

Caffeine has been shown to contribute to fibrocystic breast changes that are associated with an increased risk for breast cancer.

ACTION: One to two cups of coffee per day is the limit. If you eat chocolate, tea or soda with caffeine then limit coffee further.

Sugar and Insulin both feed cancer cells. It may be the soda and candy but for the majority of us it is in the form of bread, rice, pasta. These starchy carbs turn to sugar within seconds. Sugar will suppress your immune system as well.

ACTION: Remove high glycemic, starchy vegetables from your diet for a month. You’ll see a difference on the scale as well

Organic fruits, vegetables and meats offer greater nutrient value. Many pestitices and herbicides mimic estrogens effects and are known as “xeno-estrogen” or foreign estrogens, This excess is dangerous and can be cancer promoting

ACTION: Get in the habit of buying organic fruits, vegetables and meats

Cruciferous vegetables have an active compound, indole-3-carbonal which has been shown to rid the body of excess estrogen and aid the liver in preventing estrogen conversion into cancer promoting molecules.

ACTION: Eat one cup raw or ½ cup cooked broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts

Green tea polyphenols has powerful effects which range from fighting cancer to improving insulin receptor function, lowering blood sugar and even aiding weight loss. Green tea has been shown to directly influence breast health. However, over 90% of the powerful polyphenols in green tea (EGCG) never leave the leaf so the best option is to eat the green tea leaves or purchase green tea polyphenols as a supplement.

ACTION: Use organic sencha green tea powder in a smoothie

Breast Cancer prevention

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