Stimulate your immune system during this flu season – be a flu warrior

The flu season is upon us and this year is being reported as the worst flu season. What does that mean? Colds and flus are more frequent and lasting longer! Treating colds and flu is best accomplished with early and aggressive measures to stimulate a healthy immune system response.

Here is my list of “go to solutions” for being a flu warrior:

Thorne Vitamin C supplement
Vitamin C – strongly supportive of our immune function and shown to reduce the occurrence of colds and shorten their duration

D3 5000 Metagenics

Prevention: 500 mg capsules – take 2 twice daily
Treatment: 500mg capsules – 2 capsules 3-4 times daily

Vitamin D- High dose vitamin D has been shown to be safe and effective as your own internal antibiotic

Prevention: 5000 IU daily
Treatment: HIGH dose and short term during active infections 20,000 IU three times daily for 5 days ONLY

Viracid : shown to reduce severity and duration of flu and infections increasing your own “natural-killer” immune cells

Prevention: 2 daily
Treatment: 2 capsules every hour for 12 hours at the onset of symptoms

Moducare: Increases the responsiveness of immune system overall

Prevention: 2 capsules daily away from food (1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal)
Treatment: 3 capsules twice daily away from food

Arm yourself with these tools for prevention and fight the good fight!

Strengthen your immunity today

Stop by the office Monday – Thursday 8am-4pm or call Wendy if you’d like her to mail them to you ($6 shipping fee).

And as an added bonus to add to your immunity boosting – the Water For Life campaign runs through January 31, 2018 or as long as supplies last – check out the water for life promotion here.

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