Eat Clean in 2018

Prioritize to eat clean in 2018

The challenges of eating clean can sometimes be overwhelming. You know that it is important to buy organic food but it’s not always in your budget.  Or sometimes the organic selection is limited, or not available in your neighborhood grocery store. So what can you do to eat clean in 2018?

Prioritize to eat clean in 2018

Use this handy list of the 2017 “Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15” to help guide you when searching for healthy, clean eating. The challenges may still present themselves but this list can help you prioritize the available options.

The “Dirty Dozen” have the highest loads of pesticides so these items are the ones to prioritize when seeking organic food to help stay away from the pesticides. Prioritize organic for those foods. The Clean 15 are least likely to contain pesticide residues.

Eat Clean in 2018

Dirty DozenClean Fifteen
StrawberriesSweet Corn
PearsSweet Peas
Sweet Bell PeppersHoneydew

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