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SAVE on the 5-Day ProLon Nutrition Program 2024

SAVE on the 5-Day ProLon Nutrition Program 2024

2024 New Years fast with friend
2024 New Years fast with friend

The 5-Day ProLon Nutrition Program 2024 fasting mimicking diet that has been proven to keep you in a fasting state while still nourishing your body with food. Dr. Kaufman recommends The rejuvenating 5-day ProLon Nutrition Program for patients that want to support a healthy jump-start to their new plan.

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This nourished fasting fine-tunes cells, supports healthy aging, and eliminates the need to do a water-only starvation fast, which can have negative side effects. Take your body on a 5-day journey towards renewal. Healthy aging and rejuvenation begins with healthy cells. With each 5-day cycle of ProLon you can guide your body into cellular rejuvenation (a.k.a. autophagy), support longevity and achieve an improved sense of well-being.

Give your body and cells the rejuvenation they need!

Prolon 5 day diet 2024

Dr. Kaufman recommends three cycles (5-day box) in a year or if trying to achieve weight loss and increased metabolism, consider one cycle monthly for three consecutive months.

In 5 short days ProLon allows your body to undergo recovery, autophagy and rejuvenation to detox, recovery and heal. Listen and learn more about autophagy.

“This is my first time using the prolon 5-day program and honestly I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen reviews about people complaining about the flavors of soup but it leaves me satisfied and it’s better than nothing and doing a water fast! I’ve never been hungry, the program is super easy to follow and if I’m out with my toddler for most of the day I just grab my day box and use what I need on the go. I do plan to do this at least 1-2 times over the next few months to reset. I plan to buy their intermittent fasting bars for when i do extended fasting periods” ~ Amber

“I’ve done 3 prolon 5-day fasts, as recommended by my provider. I feel great after each one. Less digestive issues, clearer thinking, more energy. On the 5th day my body feels like it’s humming. I ve used the breakfast drinks to do intermittent fasting which hashelped with weight loss but that’s not my primary goal. The health benefits of fasting are well documented and this is a safe way to do it. Also I rarely feel hungry while doing it. Some of the products are delicious, some I don’t like as much but they are not bad. I’m very pleased I tried prolon. I’m giving it as a Christmas gift of health to my daughter!” ~ Beth

The rejuvenating 5-day ProLon Nutrition Program is a solid answer to help you get on track to your healthy ‘you’ and keep you there.

Offer available Jan. 1 – 8, in office

Pick one up in the office – call or message us through your Patient Portal to get yours! 720.639.2736

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