What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect during your visit with Dr. Kaufman at the Kaufman Health and Hormone Center:

To schedule:

To schedule your first visit or any follow up appointments, please call our office at 720-639-2736 or simply fill out the “contact us” box and and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Your first visit:

Expect to spend 60-90 minutes at your initial consultation including check out time. (Allow for extra time after your appointment.) During this time, Dr. Kaufman will go over your intake forms you filled out prior to your visit more extensively in order to better understand more about you and your medical history. All labs you bring with you will be reviewed as well as any medications/supplements you already are prescribed. A personalized treatment plan will often involve further lab testing with either functional medicine labs or a conventional blood draw.

How to prepare for your initial visit:

  1. All intake forms are required to filled out prior to your initial visit through the secure patient portal
  2. Please bring a list of current medications
  3. Please bring the bottles of all vitamins/nutritional supplements so Dr. Kaufman can evaluate all the ingredients they contain 

What if I have questions after my visit?

We communicate most efficiently, and you will get a faster response with messaging through the secure patient portal. We understand you may have follow up questions regarding your treatment plan. You can expect a response from Wendy or Dr. Kaufman within 48 hours. Messaging is best for simple questions and you may be asked to make a follow up appointment depending upon your concerns.


Any pre-authorization for prescriptions, x-rays or other imaging will be accompanied by a $75 fee.

How do I get my prescriptions filled?

Prescriptions will be filled at the time of an appointment that should be appropriate until your next follow up appointment. If a refill or dosage change is required, an appointment will be necessary. Please plan accordingly as refills will not be filled over a weekend except in the unique case of an emergency. Any prescriptions that require a pre-authorization from your insurance company will be accompanied with a $75 fee due to the amount of time required by our office.

I need to get a pre-authorization for my labs, how do I do that?

Any lab work that requires a pre-authorization from your insurance company will be accompanied with a $75 fee due to the amount of time required by our office.

How do I receive lab testing results?

A follow up appointment ranging from 30-45 minutes will be scheduled to review any lab/test results.


Functional and hormonal medicine consultation services may or may not be covered by your insurance plan. Please check with your insurance prior to your visit. Our office will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement but we do not bill your insurance directly. Your insurance typically considers us an “out of network provider.” The Kaufman Health and Hormone Center is not a participating provider in Medicare or Medicaid. Payment is due at the time of service.

Lab Testing:

More traditional blood lab tests are covered by your insurance plan regardless of the ordering physician. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to better understand any restrictions or personal obligation that applies to you under your current plan. To determine your needs, we often use other functional lab services such as saliva and urine testing for specialized evaluation of hormones, food sensitivities and gastrointestinal function among others. The price of those tests may vary and will be clearly explained prior to ordering. Each lab may have relationships with your insurance company to offer you the best pricing.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event you are unable to keep your appointment, we request a 24 hour notice that so that we can accommodate other patients waiting for appointments. We understand unforeseen circumstances arise but you may be charged a fee for missed appointments at the discretion of the practice.

Service Schedule

  • Initial Consultation
    • New Patient to the practice
    • Prior patient of Dr. Kaufman’s at the Thayer Group

Includes 60-90 minutes with Dr. Kaufman to develop a treatment plan as well as check-out time with her administrative assistant, Wendy, to help you coordinate any other labs or prescriptions you may have. The consult fee includes time spent before and after your visit for Dr. Kaufman to review any past lab work and intake forms.

Patients under the age of 30 may have a thirty minute initial visit depending upon the complexity of their concern

  • 60 Minute Consult/Follow up Visit
  • 45 Minute Consult/Follow up Visit
  • Routine Gynecologic
  • 30 Minute Consult/Follow up Visit
  • 15 Minute Consult/Follow up visit

While the appointment time includes check in and check out, you can expect to spend several minutes going over your treatment plan at check out. (Allow for extra time after your appointment.)

How to Find Kaufman Health and Hormone Center

You can find the Kaufman Health and Hormone Center at 315 W. South Boulder Road in Louisville between Via Appia Way and Garfield Avenue. Directions and map


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