The holidays are coming up, which for many Americans means ditching the diets for seasonal treats. But before you overdo it on sugar and carbs, take a look at this article from the American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine.

Most people have heard of metabolism, or at least know that it plays a huge part in how our bodies burn fat and build energy. Increased metabolic rates lead to more calories burned and better overall health. Recent studies have found that metabolic flexibility may be the most effective for promoting overall health for Americans. So what’s the difference? Metabolic flexibility is the body’s ability to adapt and use whatever fuel is available to it (sugar or fat). When we lack it (metabolic inflexibility), we’re more likely to experience fatigue, insatiable cravings, irritability. When we are metabolically flexible it allows the metabolism to burn energy rather than store it as fat.

Unfortunately the majority of the American population suffers from inflexible metabolism. This is because our diets are full of processed sugar and simple carbs, and we aren’t active enough to work off what we consume. By re-training our metabolism to work more efficiently, we can avoid harmful conditions like diabetes, obesity, and even anxiety and insomnia. This involves dietary changes and an increased amount of daily activity. This article about Boosting Your Immunity All Year Long offers some great tips that can help. Want to know more about how to achieve metabolic flexibility? Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

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