Renew and Refresh with Aesthetic Services

The eclipse is considered by many to be a time to renew and refresh. How fortunate to witness such an epic natural event during our lifetime…an eclipse of the sun! For those of you who were able to travel to the eclipse path of totality, here’s hoping your experience was everything you wanted it to be. In Boulder, we were treated to 95% totality which meant cooler air, dogs barking, unique shadows and a light layer of darkness that passed as the sun came back into full view.

Total Eclipse of the sunRenew With Total Eclipse of the Sun And Aesthetic ServicesThe sun, returning to it’s full display after the eclipse provides us with an introspective time to think about refreshing and renewal. Many cultures look to the days after an eclipse as a time for renewal.

Would you like to discover your renewal?

At Kaufman Health and Hormone Center, we take great care helping clients navigate the various approaches toward obtaining a refreshed and natural look.

If you are wondering what aesthetic services could do for you, Dr. Kaufman will take the time to review your options with you and help you choose the approach that will help you meet your goals.  Look and feel natural, refreshed and renewed.

Dr. Karen Kaufman Health and Hormone BalanceDr. Kaufman does an amazing job of providing Botox aesthetic service! I trust her to listen carefully to what I want, and rely on her judgment and experience to help me make the best decisions to achieve my best results. I love that she can tailor my results so that I still look like myself, only better! I highly recommend her services. ~AR

At Kaufman Health and Hormone Center, we want you to feel your best, inside and out!

Learn more about the services that can help you discover your renewed you! Contact us today for your consultation.

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