Who is the person behind the phone and emails at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center?

Meet Wendy! Long-time patients recognize her, since she has worked for Dr. Kaufman for 5 years! She started as Dr. Kaufman’s medical assistant, and now at Kaufman Health & Hormone Center, she handles all aspects of running the office. This ranges from scheduling patients and assisting Dr. Kaufman with procedures, to checking patients in/out…basically everything the office needs to run smoothly!

person behind the phone and emails at Kaufman Health and Hormone Center 9Health Fair FCC Longmont

Wendy has an Associate degree from the Medical Assisting Program at Front Range Community College as well as a Certificate in Medical Administration.

When asked, “What do you enjoy the most about your job?” her immediate response was,  “I enjoy interacting with our patients!”

Community Service

Wendy is passionate about health care and outreach in the community. She serves as Volunteer Coordinator for the 9 Health Fair which is held at Front Range Community College, in Longmont. This years’ 9 Health Fair, which was in April, was a great success. Many people were very grateful for the free health screenings, which included:

  • pap smears

  • skin screenings

  • low cost blood tests – including testosterone, this year

Her continued involvement in this worthwhile cause is something that brings her much satisfaction.