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Look as Good as You Feel in the New Year

Look as Good as You Feel in the New Year

Look as good as you feel in the New Year
Look as good as you feel in the New Year

It’s time to look as good as you feel!

If you are exercising, eating more vegetables, sleeping more, actively reducing your stress and still feeling like your face doesn’t match the way you feel on the inside, then it’s time to consider aesthetic injectable products to help achieve that goal.

Have you noticed…

Perhaps you’re feeling tired of looking tired or maybe your friends and family think you’re looking stern or sad even when you’re not. As we mature, lines around the eyes, the forehead and in the space in between the eyes become etched in from repeated expression and loss of collagen.

There are options

  • Botox injections can help soften and potentially eliminate the wrinkles from that expression.
  • Filler injections can help restore the normal architecture of the face as our cheeks become flatter and our mouth begins to turn down at the corners.

If you’ve never had aesthetic injections here are answers to some of the questions I’m often asked:

Q: I want to look natural…I’m afraid of looking “frozen” and lacking expression.

Botox and Filler can both be individualized to your specific desires and with repeated treatments, continued progress can be made on more severe lines. If you are wanting just a subtle change in the lines, that can be personalized to each client.

Q. How long do Botox and Fillers last?

Botox typically lasts about 3-4 months. Once the Botox begins to wear off, the facial lines return. Filler products can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending upon the product used.

Q. If I do Botox less frequently than the recommended every 3-4 months, will it be worth it?

When Botox wears off, the lines will reappear as they were prior to starting the Botox – not more severe. The way to make the most progress on etched in lines is to do repeated treatments but even if treatments are more infrequent, there is still benefit and slowing of the progression of the lines in the maturing client.

Get started and look as good as you feel!

For a consultation about ways that you can look as good as you feel in the new year, contact Dr. Kaufman’s office and schedule your visit today.

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