Trigger Point Injections

What are Trigger Points?

A trigger point is a small, painful knot in the muscle that occurs when muscles do not relax properly. They can feel like small “marbles” under the skin, or just be very tight and sore spots in your muscles. When trigger points occur, they affect the nerves around them and can cause significant pain in other areas of the body. It is important to break those trigger points up to prevent pain and promote recovery. Trigger point therapy is a great addition to physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation and chiropractic care.

Trigger Point Injections with Vanessa Fitzgerald, NP at Kaufman Health abd Hormone Center

A trigger point injection is a technique for pain relief. Similar to an acupuncture, trigger point injections use a small needle and a small amount of lidocaine and homeopathic anti inflammatory herbs. This injection promotes muscle relaxation and relieves the pain associated with trigger points.

Who is a candidate for Trigger Point Injection Therapy?

  • Anyone with acute or chronic muscle pain symptoms. This could include migraines, osteoarthritis, injuries, even stress induced tension.
  • Anyone with pain described as a spasm, tight, achy, throbbing, sharp and shooting, or radiating.
  • Anyone with decreased movement due to spasm, pain, etc.
  • Patients with a history of injury, stress, or an aggravating event.

Trigger Point therapy often works well alongside inflammation control, nutrition and weight loss counseling, mindfulness, breath work, guided imagery, natural pain supplements and topicals.

Get rid of the pain. Is it time for you to get that release?

Vanessa Fitzgerald, NP, is a board certified family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in integrative pain management. Trigger point therapy is one of her specialties. Contact us to learn how Vanessa can help you relieve and manage your pain.